Raffles Goes To Pintu Elok Orphanage

Raffles Goes To Pintu Elok Orphanage

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Christmas is coming and our second term is ending – what better time to show leadership, compassion and goodwill towards those not so fortunate as ourselves.

On Saturday 24th November 2018, Mr Satya, Mr Vasu and Pak Didi led the entire Rafflesian leaders’ team from the three campuses, Kelapa Gading, Pondok Indah and Kebon Jeruk: a total of 74 teachers, deans, non-teaching staff and so many other souls ready to make a little change in the life of those kids living at Pintu Elok orphanage.

A host of young kids welcomed us with broad smiles; they and their caregivers had laid on a concert and service to make us feel energetic.

To start our stint at the orphanage we quickly divided the team into different stations to solve some of the most basic problems we saw there –  bathrooms doors to be fitted, walls and fences to be painted, dusting to be done… many basic tasks to be tackled, and a great opportunity for our manpower to complete them in only four hours.

With hope and love we completed everything step by step. Just as the pictures show, we can all be for others that refreshing face wash on a warm day that cleans us inside and out with new hope and positivity.

Returning home after all the things we did at the orphanage wasn’t easy; the tiredness and sweat was long present that day, making everyone sleepy but at the same time comfortable and with great peace of mind after the good actions that we as a family carried out in the name of Raffles and our Lord.

May peace be upon the kids at Pintu Elok forever, as they will be in our memory.

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