Performing Arts

Hi Diana, could you give us a brief description of Seussical the Musical?

It is a popular musical based on the books of Dr. Seuss. It tells us a beautiful story of an elephant called Horton who has a noble mission; to save tiny creatures called the ‘whos’, whose existence is somehow hard to believe as no one else can hear them. Although he is ridiculed, his determination to save the ‘whos’ never ceases to amaze everyone. This musical delivers not only powerful messages but spectacular songs (with words that mostly rhyme) and performances. Involving more than one hundred students, it is by far the most challenging musical Kebon Jeruk have ever put on a stage!

What were the aims when you were creating this performance?

Our aims were to provide a platform for all the students to express themselves, and

to boost their self-confident and engage them in theatrical experiences. Also we wanted to

 explore the wonderful world of Dr Seuss and appreciate  a work of art.

How does it align itself with our school’s vision and mission?

The powerful messages delivered in the play helped to nurture each Rafflesian to become active learners of sterling characters. Horton the elephant shares great values that the students will always remember such as; loyalty, compassion and determination. The students also adhere to our second term’s theme, ‘Independent’ as they rehearsed during their break times and managed to memorise the long lines independently. 

Are there any ongoing activities with the musical?

We performed an excerpt of Seussical during  the Kelapa Gading Speech Day and have also been  a invited to do it again during the carnival at Pondok Indah to raise awareness to save the Sumateran tigers. We can’t wait to perform it again! Its part of our Performing Arts programme, in order to provide a stage for our students to express themselves, pun intended! We recently won an award from the World Education Film Festival, which highlights the talent in our campus. In the future I hope we can produce both productions and films on a regular basis.

What was the most difficult thing about this project?

Handling over 100 students ranging from 4 to 17 years old is not easy!  This musical is very challenging  as every line must be sung, and the lyrics are difficult to memorise as they are mostly rhyming words. Finding sponsors, preparing  the budget and getting a tailor to make their costumes was no easy task either! It was one roller-coaster ride.