Primary Programme

  • The Cambridge International Primary Programme developed by Cambridge International Examinations (CIE)
  • Focuses on English, Mathematics and Science for children aged 6-12 (Primary 1-6)
  • Certificate of Achievement for each child at the end of primary education
  • Excellent preparation for secondary education

The vision of the primary division is to create a programme that meets the needs of students in the 21stcentury. To achieve this, the school has created an environment that is dedicated to providing children with the opportunity to aspire to academic excellence and learn how to become lifelong learners and responsible citizens of the future.

The school provides an international educational program that caters for a broad spectrum of abilities, needs, and interests, social and cultural backgrounds of students, and has strong links with parents and the local community.

The Cambridge International Primary Programme which is used as the core curriculum in Raffles Christian School (RCS) gives the school a framework to develop Mathematics, English and Science skills and knowledge in young children. The primary curriculum provides guidance for programme design, classroom teaching and learning. It is also allows teachers to assess children’s learning through the Cambridge Primary Checkpoint.

Hands-on math and science experiences and world awareness (environmental and social studies) are integrated in the curriculum. Also integrated in the curriculum are the life skills of cooperation, critical thinking, responsibility, communication and concern for others. To provide a holistic education for your child, creative art, music, foreign language, computer classes and physical education are integral elements of the weekly schedule.


The curriculum builds on the strengths, development and learning style of each student. A student centered approach to teaching and learning benefits students as they first learn from peers and have the opportunity to lead in academic and social areas. 

Subjects in Primary

Examinable Non-examinable
English Art & Craft
Mathematics CWS (Christian Worldview Studies)
Science Music
Mandarin Physical Education
Indonesian Studies PKN (Citizenship)