Learning Journeys

Secondary 3 students from our 3 Campuses accompanied by teachers went for Learning Journey planned using our specially designed framework called Learning Beyond the Classroom Framework.

The aim of this Learning Journey was to provide our students with the opportunity to explore, engage, and enrich their learning beyond the classroom. We communicated with Kaliandra Eco Resort for the 3 Nights 4 Days accommodation and arrangement of local guides for the Learning Journey.

During our time in Jatiarjo Village, East Java from 16th to 19th January 2024, our students were able to identify the challenges and difficulties faced by the local community. They visited villages and schools, interacting with residents and students firsthand.

One of the highlights of the Learning Journey was witnessing the students proffering viable solutions based on their studies. It was awe-inspiring to see how they applied their knowledge and skills to solve real-life situations. They truly went above and beyond, embracing the opportunity to learn and grow from their experiences.


Moreover, as part of their commitment to improve the learning environment, our students actively served the local communities by implementing the previously identified solutions. This hands-on approach not only allowed them to contribute positively but also provided them with a deeper understanding of the importance of community engagement.

Additionally, our students had the chance to immerse themselves in the local culture and traditions, gaining invaluable insights through interactions with the locals. This cul-nature experience provided a unique perspective and fostered a deeper appreciation for the rich heritage of Jatiarjo Village.

Students also visited the local small scale industries like doormats, chips from various fruits and nurseries that prepare saplings for tree plantation gaining experience in various fields.

Overall, the Jatiarjo Village Learning Journey was a remarkable opportunity for our students to learn, lead, and love. We have witnessed firsthand the positive impact it had on their personal growth, academic development, and sense of responsibility towards the community.