Mushroom Project

Hi Mr Laxman, can you tell us about your mushroom farm?

Students learn about Science concepts such as decomposition, and the latest in biotechnology by composting and inoculating mushroom spawn produced through tissue culture techniques.

That sounds complicated! What are the aims of this project?

The aim of the project is to immerse the students in new learning beyond the walls of the classroom. In doing the Mushroom Project, students are also exposed to hard manual labor in order for them to learn the value of hard work that other people do.

How does it align with our school vision and mission?

It is hoped that the mushroom project will spark interest in the students in order for them to develop their innovative spirit.

I see. Are there any ongoing activities related to this project?

The project is ongoing, and we are working with other faculties, like the Business department, in order to make a business plan to market and sell the mushrooms.

What were the main difficulties you experienced with your project?

The main difficulty was in the procurement of the materials. In addition, it was always difficult to schedule an ongoing project during a regular term because the students schedules are always full. It is a challenge to find time to do this simultaneously with school work!

How did this project engage the students?

The students did the composting, bagging, and steaming themselves. They were involved in the majority of the steps in Mushroom Production, and so had ownership and responsibly for the success of the project.