Independence Day-“History Alive”

Independence Day-“History Alive”

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Independance Day – “History Alive” 2018

Once again, as is our tradition, in August we celebrated Independence Day with the theme on “History Alive! Day – a journey back in time”, where we rewind to ancient times and extend our knowledge, learning about ancient civilizations by solving puzzles and enigmas that challenge our mind and skills.

As part of the Independence Day celebration, the Primary School focused on Indonesian history &culture – specifically the art of Wayang, from colouring and cutting to modeling and creating papier mâché ones in the upper classes!

The Secondary School was immersed in a sea of riddles that took different classes from the Maya region to the Edo era in Japan, the discovery of the Americas by Christopher Colombus, the Great Wall of China, the Egyptian pharaoh’s pyramids, and the fights of Roman gladiators. All these activities were designed to allow students to appreciate the wonders of history as part of the Independence Day celebration.

Colouring and cutting activities of the Wayang which is part of the Indonesian history and culture

Fun-filled activities for secondary students that took them through a discovery journey to unravel the answers to history riddles.

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