Raffles has quite literally been my second home, I have been in this school for as long as I can remember. I remember walking into this school as a student of the Primary 1 back when it was still named PSB. 
My favourite memory of studying at Raffles KJ would be all the co curricular events. They always tell us, you won’t remember what you learn in class but you will always remember the events. True enough, all i can look back on are the times i represented the Yellow Lion House and the time I went for the World Scholar's Cup with my friends. 
Currently, i have just started my Medical course in Manipal, India. All my life I have always told everyone I wanted to be a doctor, and it’s more than safe to say that I am only where I am because of the support I got from everyone in Raffles who always told me to strive for more.
If there was only one core value instilled in me in my time as a student in Raffles, it would have to be " the ability to visualise the future you want for yourself. " I see myself specialising in either orthopaedics surgery or paediatric surgery and I will do my best to achieve it. 
Chai Yu - Shen, Raffles Alumni 2015