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Science Fair : Science Carnival and Open House

On Saturday, 14th of September 2019, we had a science carnival and open house, which lasted for about 2 hours ...
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PSG Math Training 2018

Open Slide Lesson plan Bar Modelling 101 Open Slide Bar Model 101 ...
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HSK 2018

Open Slide 2018 HSK 校内报告 Open Slide 2018 HSK 校内报告_Newspapers Reporting ...
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Speech Day 2018

Open Slide RCS KJ Speech Day 2018 ...
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Raffles Goes To Pintu Elok Orphanage

Christmas is coming and our second term is ending – what better time to show leadership, compassion and goodwill towards ...
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Family Day

The RCS KJ family is growing! To celebrate, the KJ campus held our first-ever Family Fun Day celebration complete with ...
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Independence Day-“History Alive”

Independance Day – “History Alive” 2018 Once again, as is our tradition, in August we celebrated Independence Day with the ...
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Chines Trip

学中国文化,品江南美食 总是听人说“上有天堂,下有苏杭”。江苏是中国文化的重要发祥地之一,自古以来钟灵毓秀,人文荟萃,文化资源丰富,文脉悠远浩荡。今年7月下旬我们在莱佛士基督学校校领导们的大力支持下和雅加达华文教育协调机构各位领导的精心安排下,带领莱佛士基督学校的一行20名学生前往美丽的江苏。进行为期十一天的“寻根之旅”夏令营。 (more…) ...
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Youth Building Peace – Open House 12 August – Presentation at 10AM

Come and join us in celebrating International Youth Day “YOUTH BUILDING PEACE” in collaboration with Fitness First. Programme : Free ...
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Scholar’s Bowl 2017

April 8th 2017 Why: to prepare students for the Regional round of the World Scholar’s Cup to foster the spirit of ...
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